Explore mesmerising Wayanad in God’s own country! Located at an altitude of 700 to 2,100 metres above the mean sea level at the Deccan Plateau’s southern tip, Wayanad boasts of scenic beauty with sub-tropical savannahs, evergreen forests, thickly wooded hills, and spice plantations. The valleys are lined with paddy fields. The skies in Wayanad reflect the striking topographical variations by changing the colours from azure blue to burnt yellow and indigo in a matter of hours. Tribals are an integral part of this idyllic and dreamy hill station. The caves, rugged hills, and the Ambukuthimala rock carvings bear testimony to the fact that humans have been living in this place right from 4,000 B.C. Tourist attractions include: Chembra Peak: The towering peak located in southern Wayanad at a height of 2,100 metres offers a physically challenging trekking route. The experience is exhilarating as the view widens at each stage. Neelimala: Referred to as trekkers’ delight, Neelimala offers a number of different trekking routes. At the top, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Meenmutty Falls. From the main Wayanad-Ootty road, a two kilometres trek takes you to the Meenmutty Falls. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: If you are a wildlife enthusiast, this is the place to go. It is spread over 344.44 square kilometres and offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. The nearest railway station is the Calicut Railway Station, which is 62 kilometres away and the nearest airport is the Calicut International Airport which is 65 kilometres away.Wayanad is a must-see destination during your holidays in Kerala India.

Wayanad - truth report

Altitude :

1600 mts to 1800 mts above sea degree

Apparel :

heat clothes and rain gear

Visitor season :

august to can also

Temperature :

min. Zero c - max. 25 c


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