If you are looking for an off-beat wildlife experience, you should head to Gavi. The picturesque place is ideal for outdoor camping, trekking, boating and bird watching. 40 kilometres drive from Kumily, near Thekkady and the Periyar Tiger Reserve takes you to Gavi, a village in the South Indian state of Kerala. On the way, you get to see tropical forests, hills and valleys, cardamom plantations, sprawling grasslands, and cascading waterfalls. The chances of wildlife sightings are very high as you drive along the Pamba reservoir and reserve forests to Gavi. You might spot gaurs, elephants lion-tailed macaques, wild dogs, and sambas. On a lucky day, you might even spot a tiger or the endangered goat NilgiriTahr. Another attraction of Gavi is watching the sunset from the eco-lodge that overlooks the Gavi Lake. Pullumedu Peak near Gavi is the best place to get a panoramic view of the famous Sabarimala temple. The three trek routes from Gavi take you to Chenthamara, Meenar, and Valley View. Night safari is yet another attraction in Gavi. In short, Gavi is a paradise for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Check out our Gavi tour packages. One of the best tourist spots in Kerala, Gavi is 51 kilometres away from Thekkady, 128 kilometres away from the nearest Kottayam Railway Station in Kerala, and 160 kilometres away from the nearest Kochi International Airport.

Gavi - truth report

Altitude :

1600 mts to 1800 mts above sea degree

Apparel :

heat clothes and rain gear

Visitor season :

March - April

Temperature :

25 c- 31 c


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