See the strutting peacocks and listen to the harmonic rhythm of the Arabica pickers of Chikmaglur! Located at a distance of 251 km from Bengaluru Chikmagalur is in the central part of Karnataka's coffee growing region. The Arabica coffee beans were first introduced in India in the Baba Budan hills where Chikmagalur is located. It is a small town with rolling hills and offers ample opportunities for treks. The Kadur Club gives a taste of the colonial life of the past. Liveried bearers wait on you as you gaze on the mounted buffalo and wild goat heads. Chikmagalur also boasts of a golf club that has a fully furnished clubhouse and catering facilities. The Coffee Board at Chikmagalur leads visitors through a Coffee Yatra tracing the history of the beverage. There are other interesting places that you can visit around Chikmagalur. Hiremagalut, which is close by is a home to many unique temples. The Ishwara temple here has a 1.22m tall eight-legged figure of Jademuni. The PrasannaBalleshwara shrine depicts Hoysala culture through its sculptures and idols. The Baba Budan Hills is popular with trekkers. The Hyath Mir Qalander is a famous Dargah. A 3 km walk from the dargah leads you to the ‘Windy lake’ Gaalikere. There are three waterfalls that are found in these hills, KamanaTheertha, GadaTheertha, and NellikayiTheertha. NellikayiTheertha is the most picturesque one of the three.

Chikmagalur - truth report

Altitude :

1600 mts to 1800 mts above sea degree

Apparel :

heat clothes and rain gear

Visitor season :

august to can also

Temperature :

min. Zero c - max. 25 c


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