Cherai Beach

Visit Cherai to enjoy the beauty of wild seas and the raw nature! Cherai Beach is located at a distance of about 30 km from Kochi city. The Cherai beach is enchanting and has a long coastline of 15 km making it vastly different from other beaches. Swimming and sunbathing are the favourite activities on the beach and this makes it a big draw for tourists from abroad. For those that love water sports, there are venues for surfing or riding water scooters or speedboats. You can also choose to just watch dolphins playing in the sea. Cherai provides a beautiful blend of both the sea and the backwaters. You can experience the idyllic life of the village by cycling around or by riding a bike. You can even fly a kite as the winds are strong and conducive to flying kites. Close to Cherai are a number of paddy fields which lie below the sea level. It is worthwhile to visit them and enjoy the flora and fauna there. The AzheekkalVaraha Temple and the CheraiGowreeshwara Temple, and Pallipuram Fort are popular tourist spots. The latter is famous for the elephant march during the festival season. Munambam is the fishing harbour and the point in the north where the Periyar meets the Arabian Sea. Being very close to Kochi city there are many other places that beckon the tourist.

Cherai Beach - truth report

Altitude :

sea degree

Apparel :

heat clothes and rain gear

Visitor season :

august to can also

Temperature :

min. Zero c - max. 25 c


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